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Winery Accounting in the 21st Century

Rain Carlson
Rain Carlson
Do you own or operate a winery? If so, it is important you understand winery accounting and finance issues. This article covers several aspects of winery accounting. No one is born with an innate knowledge of accounting – what is important is to understand winery accounting and how it may defer from other business activities.

Winery accounting and vineyard financial operations are by no means simple matters. If you are a winery owner or manager it is essential that you understand the unique accounting needs facing the wine industry.  Here are some points you may find interesting:

Winery Sales

Keeping track of wine sales by varietal and vintage is a means of readily identifying customer preferences when it comes to your particular wine brand. The easiest way to ensure that you have sales information at your fingertips is to implement a Point of Sale System commonly referred to as a “POS”. A “POS” can also help keep track of wine club sale, wine shipments and seasonality activity.

Key Costs

Keeping track of employee costs, insurance, and utility costs are some of the key costs that a winery should keep track of on a continual basis to ensure adequate resource allocation.

Make sure to choose a financial reporting system that can easily integrate into the payroll reporting function, one which is able to keep track of hours worked, tips paid-out, and costs incurred by vendor.

Need to find the right resources for your winery needs?, consider the Winery Operations Services from CoreCorp - a step-by-step approach to solving the daily challenges of your wine and vineyard accounting and financial reporting issues.

Rain Carlson
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Rain Carlson

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