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Capabilities & solutions

Say farewell to your paperwork pains. I safeguard my clients’ financial health—whether you’re in crypto or construction.

Engagement structures

Flexibility is my MO—but below are a few ways clients like to engage with me.

Fractional CFO services

Strategic planning & advisory engagements

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On-demand & recurring

Accounting reviews & U.S. tax reporting

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One-off problem solving

Hourly consulting calls

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Get off the ground

Business set-up services

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Core competencies & capabilities

Here’s a sample of what I’m able to help you with.

Ongoing bookkeeping

Access accurate, up-to-date information about your company’s finances and approach tax season without stress.

Tax preparation

File accurate and timely tax returns, while minimizing your tax liability through best-practice tax planning strategies.

Reporting & forecasting

Receive regular, easy-to-understand briefings and forecasts about your company’s financial health.

Financial planning

Set and achieve important financial goals, and never be caught off guard by unforeseen expenses or cash flow problems.

Risk management

Identify and assess potential risks to your business, and implement strategies to mitigate those risks and protect your business and personal assets.


Ensure compliance with U.S. tax laws and avoid penalties by hiring an accountant who understands cryptocurrency.

Let’s get your numbers under control, so you can focus on your bottom line.

Have questions? Here are the answers.

How does confidentiality work?

I take my clients’ confidentiality and cyber security very seriously, which is why my engagement letters include a strict confidentiality clause. Moreover, I avoid cloud accounting software and use safe portals for document sharing.

My books are a mess and I need to file! Can you help me?

Yes. Please reach out to me as soon as possible so we can discuss your situation and how to address your problems. Very seldom do I come across any “hopeless” cases.

Do you work with cryptocurrency?

Clients who get paid in, trade, or otherwise deal with cryptocurrencies in the course of their daily business may opt to receive a client bill in fiat. However, at this time payments accepted are via bank to bank transfers or by credit card payments.